Top best 7 countries recommended for work in 2021

The present article is intended to give you an idea about the best countries that you can work in, in 2021.

The findings of an annual survey of HSBC have released classifying countries according to their foreignness. The survey contains different categories including life quality, living expenses, earnings, etc.

Top best 7 countries recommended for work in 2021

7 countries recommended for work in 2021

If you want to go abroad to find a better job, have a good love condition and learn a new language. then we recommend keeping reading. Here are the best seven countries where you can work in 2021:

1. Australia

This is one of the best countries to live and work in. You can apply for different Australian visas, especially the Holiday Visa (a full-time travel/labor visa operating on many days of holiday).

and the Work visa which are the most common visas that immigrants usually apply for.


Although the high living costs in Australia, you can always save some money to do other activities and enjoy holiday trips. This is due to the great salary you get, which is about $18 an hour.

2. UAE (United Arab Emirates)

This country is part of the Asian continent, and it is another best country where one can find a great job easily. This is because UAE is one of the most economically powerful and high-ranked countries.

Most of the people residing in the AUE are not natives. They are either foreign immigrants who came from all over the world or investors who were attracted by the fact that they can stay and work in the country without any revenue tax.

UAE (United Arab Emirates)

Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the most crowded cities in AUE in terms of habitats. The majority of citizens living there are local employees who aim at financially assisting their families; whereas others are workers employed by building companies

3. Germany

This country offers many tempting opportunities for foreign workers. If you peak the German language, your chance to get a job in German will be bigger.

In fact, this issue of language makes it always hard for people to apply for a job abroad. Immigrants find it really hard to study language and work at the same time.


So, here is a link where you will find some tips to find a job in Germany even if you do not speak German: speaking German language.

We advise you to start your job application once you have enough information about the process and the documents required.

4. New Zealand

This is really a mesmerizing country. Its nature, high life quality, and strong economy are general factors that attract immigrants, especially business owners and those who look for great jobs, from all over the world.

Most immigrants apply for a work/holiday visa, which allows 18-30 years old people to work for 6 continuous months within the country.

New Zealand

The majority of these applicants are young people who usually invest their savings (after they get a job in New Zealand) to travel around the country, or around South East Asia.

5. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is classified as the seventeenth country according to the HSBC survey, and it is characterized by its high life quality as well as its considerable expat community.

Despite its huge living expenses, Hong Kong is considered the first country in business promotion. We suggest you think about spending a period of time in this country, it is worth it!

. Hong Kong

6. Japan

It is well-known that Japanese people live longer than other people in the world. This is because they care a lot about their health and even the healthcare in Japan is of high quality.

If you are an immigrant willing to work abroad and you have good qualifications in engineering, law, teaching, and banking, we recommend that you think of Japan.


This is because the work conditions in these fields are really great and they will be suitable for you. Moreover, and if you have many incomes, the country allows you to benefit from additional cash off through any recently learned skill of yours.

Only bear in mind that the working hours in Japan are longer than any other country in the world and that the living expenses may reach around 286 000 Yen.

7. Manama in Bahrain

This is one of the best workplaces in the world. It helps workers improve their management and communication skills, and it encourages them.

to have a sense of creativity which is a critical factor for the country to focus on new economic activities other than its petroleum-based economic activity. 

Manama in Bahrain

is just ideal for you if you’d like to progress in your profession. It is a center of investment and building and gives you the luxury of professionally improving your career. Furthermore, Manama in Bahrain is viewed as the heart of construction and investment, and you can live a luxurious life if you are ambitious and well-qualified in your field.