The Canadian Visa procedure for international students

Canada is well-known for its sophisticated and highly ranked universities. That is why it is one of the best countries to pursue your studies in.

If you are a student aiming at studying abroad, Canada will surely be the best choice for you. The country will offer you a high quality of education, in addition to many other facilities to study comfortably and effectively.

The Canadian Visa procedure for international students

The number of students who annually immigrate to Canada for reasons of study is increasing. Most of choosing to settle in Canada and look for a job after they finish their studies.

The present article is intended to guide you and help you know about the different phases you will go through during your application for the international student Canadian visa.

How to apply for a Canadian international student visa?

Choose the program you want to study

This is very essential for you in order to obtain your student visa easily. It will help you a lot, especially if a powerful case study is included in your application.

Find a university or institution of your choice

Once you made a decision about the specialty you want to study, start your application for a university or institution offering that specialty.


Make sure to submit all the documents required by your chosen institution, and to get an acceptance or admission letter (if you got accepted by the institution). The latter is mandatory to apply and for and get study permission.

Apply for study permission in Canada

This step comes right after getting an acceptance or admission letter from the university or the institution you chose, and it is very essential in the process of Canada’s international student visa application.

What are the needed documents for Canada international student visa application?

  • An admission or acceptance letter
  • Identity papers: Passport, birth, or marriage certificate
  • Affidavit of financial support: This is to prove your ability to financially support yourself or any relative of yours during your stay in Canada (particularly the first year of your study stay), including your living expenses, your health assurance expenses, and your tuition fees.

Study permission in Canada:

Study permission in Canada is a special legal document that enables you to pursue your studies at any Canadian university or institution.

As we have said earlier, you can apply for this document one you received an admission or acceptance letter from the school you chose. Note that this school must be recognized in Canada, and eligible to receive international students and offer them admission for their applications to Canada international student visa.

Can I be an overseas student in Canada?

Canada receives a huge number of students every year from different countries across the world, including India, the USA, Nigeria, Iran, Japan, etc. The country devotes more than $147.9 million for this purpose for the upcoming 5 years.

Therefore, if you want to study in Canada and you meet all the conditions of the application we have already mentioned, there is a great chance for you to be admitted and get your international student visa in Canada.

Try to apply for this visa! But before, please make sure you did enough research on the university or institution you chose as well as the requirements for Canada’s international student visa application. And if you need any help or further information, try to consult a credit agency to help you through your application process.

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