London Quiz: examine your knowledge of London

The following questions are meant to examine your knowledge of London, one of the greatest and the most famous cities in the world.

They comprise elements of the city’s history, culture, and literature.

If you think you really know London, take this quiz and prove that. You can use the quiz to test your relative’s and friends’ knowledge as well.


Buckingham Palace is also used as the seat of the House of Lords

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This is FALSE. The seat of the House of Lords is in the Parliament’s British Houses in Westminster Palace. While Buckingham Palace is British monarchs’ official residence and Queen Elizabeth II’s current home.

Charles Dickens, the famous author of the Victorian era, wrote about the lives of rich Londoners of the nineteenth century

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This is FALSE. Charles Dickens wrote about the plight of poor children and the working class of the nineteenth century in London. The best examples of that are David Copperfield and Oliver Twist.

Painting London buses red was a decision of a transport company, to stand out from its competitors

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This is TRUE. Due to the great competition among transport companies in London at the beginning of the twentieth century, The London General Omnibus Company made its decision to paint all its buses red, to stand out from its competitors. Later, the state painted all buses red, as it took over the public transport in the area.

New York Central Park is bigger than London’s Hyde Park

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This is TRUE. New York Central Park stretches over 3.41 km²; while Hyde Park has a surface area of 1.42 km².

The Thames flows out into the English Channel, passing through London

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This is FALSE. Thames River flows from the east and out into the North Sea.

Tower Bridge opens up only during big events in the city

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This is FALSE. In fact, Tower Bridge opens up more than 1,000 times every year.

Before being suspended above the Thames, pirates’ bodies sentenced to death were covered in tar

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The answer is TRUE. The practice aimed at making their bodies exhibited as long as possible by slackening their decomposition; and so, preventing others from taking the same path as that of the pirates.

The city’s first underground railway was powered by steam

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This is TRUE.

The gallery of the Tate Modern art was built within a decommissioned station of nuclear power that had been for safety reasons

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This is FALSE. The gallery was not built within a nuclear station, but a decommissioned power one.

30 St Mary Axe contains the largest multi-story park for cars in Europe

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This is FALSE. 30 St Mary Axe (or The Gherkin) was the United Kingdom first eco-friendly skyscraper. This building contains 40-storeys; and despite the several bicycle parking it has, 30 St Max Axe includes only 18 parking spaces.

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