International Bursaries of Trent University in Canada

Most students have aspirations to study in Canada, but some are unable to make this goal a success due to financial obstacles. 

Eliminate the financial challenges that will allow you to receive support in Canada by submitting for the Trent University International bursaries.

International Bursaries of Trent University in Canada

The program is free for applicants at home and abroad who want to apply for the Canadian Trent University in an undergraduate course.

Trent University, one of several top universities recognized in Canada for promoting life chances and occupations at all levels, was established in 1964. With its undergraduate degree, the university is the third in Canada.


Why then should you study at the University of Trent? There are several clubs and associations that students may use, including different theater groups, public interest groups, magazines, faith organizations, political groups, educational societies, and Greeks to create a transformational life experience.

Application Expiry date: Application Closes on the 12th of February 2021

Trent University Grants Non-profit organization

Established in 1963 and situated in the area of a major city of Peterborough (50,000 – 249,999 inhabitants), Trent University is indeed a non-profit modern higher educational institution. The main campuses of this organization are also situated in Oshawa. University Trent is an intermediate preparatory school higher education institution (uniRank enrollment area: 7,000-7,999 students) formally accredited and/or recognized by the Ministry of Education and Training, College and University, Ontario.

Trent University (TU) provides programs and courses in many fields that contribute to officially approved grades including Bachelor’s, Master and Doctorate degrees. For further information, visit the uniRank degree rates and research matrix areas below.

The 56-year-old institution for higher education is selectively accepted, based on previous college achievements and grades of students. The enrollment range is between 70 and 80% rendering this a Canadian higher education institution. Students from around the world are welcome to register.

Host Country: Canada

Canada has become a destination for foreign study for much more students. For many factors like the right to schooling, Canada has been selected among one of the best countries in the world to remain. Bachelor students are offered a high quality of life, a warm and pleasant climate, beautiful scenery, a high level of technology, and a student-friendly activity.

A good education is a major focus of Bachelor’s programs in The country. Students will encounter a dynamic intellectual and cultural climate that encourages everyone to critically think and improve themselves. Numerous bachelor’s courses in Canada have undergraduate studies in information technology, industry, IT, theoretical physics, engineering, sociology, economics, psychology, and anthropology. For various programs, qualifications differ and for the completion of a bachelor’s degree in Canada, a minimum of three or four years of study is necessary.

See your choices below to discover more about bachelor’s programs in Canada!

Chances of Bachelor’s degree.

Canada’s education is regulated separately for each state and territory, but in 2007 the Council of Ministers of Education of Canada accepted a shared structure for degrees. This supported bachelor, master, and doctoral identifiers intentionally close to the bologna classifications.

Under this structure are classified 4 general types of bachelor’s: particular programs for broader education and the training of graduate students for professional grads or for work usually; in-depth university programs for a respective topic in which students plan for post-graduate studies or for jobs.

With this last section, there had been postgraduate degrees, which have the title of doctorates like MD, JD, and DDS, and which are recognized bachelor degrees despite their names.

Scholarship Description

  • Institution: Trent University
  • Department: NA
  • Degree Level: Undergraduate degree
  • Value of Award: $10,000
  • Mode of Application: Online
  • Number of Awards: Not Known
  • Nationality: Home and International Students
  • To be taken at : Canada

Eligibility for a scholarship

  • Valid nationalities: People from various parts of the world may apply.
  • Courses accessible: beneficiaries are awarded in the course of every University undergraduate program.
  • Criteria Permissible: The applicant must comply with any of the following eligibility requirements:
  • Applicants require a high school certificate to be accepted to an undergraduate program.

Application process

  • Supporting Documentation: Applicants are to send a short essay outlining the student goals, motivation letters, and a curriculum vitae.

  • Specifications for admission: Prospective students seeking admission should meet the University’s admissions standards.
  • Language specifications: All candidates must fulfill the education and English entry criteria of Trent University at the time of application for admission.
Perks Bursary

For the academic year 2021/2022, the Trent University will give winners a prize of $10,000.