Canadian Passport Application for your children

In Canada, a child is every person who is 0-15 years old. These children cannot travel outside the country unless they have their own passports.

Parents are eligible to apply for their children’s passports. However, they will be asked to submit additional documents other than the ordinary ones usually required.

Canadian Passport Application for your children

These are 5 years’ passports, and once they expire, they cannot be renewable. Parents will then need a new application for a new passport.

The following lines will enlighten you about the documents required for the passport application, and all the other details you need to know in order to get your child’s Canadian passport easily and simply.

Conditions and documents required for your child’s Canadian passport application:

  • An identity document
  • A testimonial document of the parental or legal custodian
  • A Canadian citizenship proof document
  • One valid photo (if the old passport expired and you are applying for another one, you will then need two valid photos).

  • Your documents must be legitimate and valid, and they should include your name
  • A language test results (if it is required). You should submit the original documents, and they should be written in one of Canada’s official languages which are French and English.
  • You must sign your application which must be properly confirmed within the last year or by a warranty

What happens in the case of guardianship, if the parents are divorced or separate?

Generally speaking, all parents should adhere to the following laws:

  • They must both be involved in the application procedure
  • The form must be signed by both of them
  • They must both be prepared and ready for any call from the authority

However, if you are the legal custodian of your child and you are applying on his/her behalf, then you have to adhere to additional laws. These are as follows:

  • You must participate in the application process
  • You must submit an adequate document proving your legal custody as well as all the other documents relating to it.

  • If both parents are legal guardians of their kids, one of them can apply for their passports. Otherwise, the person who is the legal guardian of the child can apply for the passport on his/her behalf.
  • If your divorce is definitely confirmed, you must include the divorce order document in your application.

What do we mean by a warrantor?

A warrantor is an 18 years old (or more) person who can legally stand up for a certain child. This person should have spent at least 2 years with a child to be his/her warrantor. He/she must sign a part of the form certifying that his/her signature is a true one, and he/she must also sign all copies of the original identifying documents.

How can I submit the papers required for the application?

Keep in mind that you need to provide the authority with the original documents. The latter will be given back to you once the authority assures they correspond to other copies you submitted. So, do not worry. Your application submission process can be online or in-person to the nearest Canadian Consulate or Embassy to you.

For more details, please read our article regarding the Canadian passport fees.

What are the Canadian passport fees?

Here are the general fees to get a Canadian passport:

  • $120 for 5 years’ adult’s passports
  • $160 for 10 years’ adult’s passports
  • 57$ for 0-15 years old children passports

Keep in mind that to apply for a child’s passport, you must be one of his/her parents regardless of your marital situation (in the case of divorce or separation, you will need the additional copies we already mentioned above).

Otherwise, you must submit some documents proving that you are the child’s legal custodian in order to be eligible to apply for his/her passport.

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