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What does a bunny hug mean?

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A bunny hug refers to a hoodie. The word is very common in Saskatchewan, while it is not recognized in other places in Canada.

How many territories does Canada have?

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Canada has three territories that are located in the north. These are Nunavut, the Yukon, and the Northwest Territories.

Where is Red Deer located?

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You can find Red Deer in Alberta, in which over 100,000 people reside. The city got its name from the Cree peoples.

How do Canadians call the Super Bowl?

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They call it ‘The Grey Cup’. Mostly, there is, like the Super Bowl, a halftime show featuring a certain Canadian artist.

Which of the following actors is Canadian?

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Mike Myers. This Canadian actor was born in Scarborough, Ontario; and he has played many roles, the most famous ones of which are Austin Powers and Shrek.

What is the most northern city in Canada?

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Nunavut is the most northern city in Canada, with a population of 60 people only. People go to this city looking for settlement because it contains Canadian Forces Stations.

What sport did Canadians invent?

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Basketball was the Canadian sport invented in 1891. In the beginning, Canadians used to play it relying on peach baskets. But, then, the sport has been developed into the recent game we all know today.

How do Canadians mostly call a winter hat?

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They mostly call it a 'toque', the American equivalent of which is ‘beanie’.

Who is the Queen’s representative in Canada?

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It is the Governor-General. He works on the behalf of Queen Elizabeth II, as Canada is one of the Commonwealth countries.

What is Canada’s largest province?

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It is Quebec. The province ranks second, after Nunavut, in terms of territories.

Can you pass this Canadian quiz?
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