Can we find out what Canadian jobs fit you the most?

There are many different jobs in Canada. And through this quiz, we will let you know about the Canadian job that suits you the most.

When you finish the quiz and get the result, you may be astonished with the job options that you might never thought about before; but they are the jobs that fit your personality the best. However, this may be quite inspiring and motivating for you.

Help us find the best Canadian career that may fit your personality and change your life.

We would like to know your work preferences, including your preferred working times, your favorite eating options,  and the working conditions in which you feel more comfortable.

Answer these questions and discover what Canadian jobs are more suitable for your lifestyle.


Do you always bring your lunch with you to work?

What topic do you write about, when you are asked to write a guest post?

Which kind of books do you usually read when you are at the beach?

What would be the thing that you could eat for the rest of your life?

What hobbies do you usually like to do, when you are free?

Before starting your career, what kind of education or training did you receive?

How do you maintain your physical fitness for your job?

If you are to watch a movie after work, what would it be?

What was your favorite class in high school?

Do you prefer to work in groups or individually?

What details from a previous job appears at least once on your resume?

Who was your favorite childhood TV character?

According to you, which '80s musical group is likely to win a bands’ virtual battle?

Where did you grow up?

Who is your career role model?

Quiz: Can we find out what Canadian jobs fit you the most?
You Got: Montreal Bagel Maker

You are a Montreal baker who likes to wake up early in the morning, to start your work. You love handwork, and you always try to end your day with good results and positive vibes. You sanctify old baking methods to the extent that you can make baked stuff manually and traditionally even when you are not working, on holidays, or while gathering with friends and relatives.
You Got: Tim Hortons Museum Curator

When you were in college, you were usually starting your day with a Tim Hortons coffee. You were in deep love with library science and archival studies. By spending the majority of your time in libraries and archives, you have got great experience in this field of study. Consequently, you succeeded to organize Hamilton’s official Tim Hortons Museum. That was an amazing step on your professional path.
You Got: CN Tower EdgeWalk Team Member

You are a guide in the CN Tower Edge Walk team. You are an adventurous person who always likes to share his love with others. You are the best companion for everyone looking for adventure and thrilling. You care a lot about your visitor's and crew’s safety and happiness, and you always look forward to spending beautiful moments with them when you are on a trip.

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