7 most demanded jobs in the recently post-pandemic period

After the COVID-19 crisis that the entire world has known, many countries’ economies have been damaged. Many jobs have vanished or lost their value; while others have emerged and developed so fast.

In Canada for instance, approximately 419,000 jobs arose in July. This helped the country to rebuild its economy and firmly recover it.

What are the most demanded jobs in the recently post-pandemic period?

And even other new jobs are yet to emerge once the country opens its borders in North America. Therefore, immigrants must be ready for all the changes that this move, especially in this post-pandemic period, would bring with it.

The Coronavirus pandemic has worried thousands of economists across the globe; especially that it may have long-term consequences that will affect the world economy as a whole. These consequences were the subject of debate in the World Economic Forum, whereby the parties involved underlined their expectations for the reliance on technology in post-pandemic jobs, and the next coming five years’ skills in the study done by “Future of work in 2021”.

The following is a list of the most post-pandemic demanded jobs in Canada:

A WEF report asserts that business leaders keep being highly prioritized, due to their reliance on e-commerce, cloud computing, and BIG data. Yet, this does not lessen the significant developments that other fields have known including artificial intelligence, encryption, and non-humanoid robots. For Canada, this implies that it needs well-qualified foreign workers to help it strengthen its economy and recover it quickly.

I think this will not be a difficult task for it, especially with the frequent visa applications that it received at the beginning of this year. Keep reading to find out the 7 most demanded jobs in the recently post-pandemic period.

1. Manufacturing

Pollution has always been a serious environmental problem the main reason of which is industrial activities. This problem has been less spread during the pandemic.

This opened the doors to Green businesses and employees whose skills, experiences, and qualifications in the field of manufacturing will be more required in the coming days; especially with the recently increasing number of clients calling for the use of eco-friendly alternatives in their daily lives.

These businesses and employees, particularly those planning to move to Canada, will surely be of great benefit to the government and contribute to its sustainable development.


Adopting a self-sustaining principle, with a view to enhancing local development, will be a model that every business and employee wants to follow, including engineers, recyclers, water-quality technicians, etc., who are considered as the most leading jobs in the market.

2. Education

Because of the pandemic, many countries were obliged to move from an in-class-based educational system to a distance learning-based educational system.

This entails teachers getting ready to utilize new academic resources in teaching and learning new things.

During the pandemic, online teachers and social schooling workers were and still are the most required training jobs.


3. Leadership

Given that our world is widely prolonged by computers, leading people at any organizational level can be one of the different changes that we will see in the near future.


Fluent teams specialized in offering guidance and consultation services, and the gig economy will spread, and specialists with great qualifications in creating and strengthening teams will be highly demanded.

4. Technology & digital marketing

There have been many assumptions that after the COVID-19 crisis the digital and technology employment market will offer more new jobs for workers.

Business owners and top brands in the field realize this and know that it is a must for them if they want to dominate the market in the 21st century.

Technology & digital marketing

Therefore, most of them will probably aim at hiring professionals in this field such as data scientists, software engineers, graphic designers, social media managers, and other positions that are relevant to the field.

5. Healthcare

Because of the pandemic, doctors and healthcare workers are now given more and more. They played a great role in preventing the spread of the virus.

Therefore, the demand for these medical specialists, including caregivers, health policymakers, nurses, and health trust managers, is highly increasing.


Especially in some countries in the world where there are not enough medical staff or equipment (these countries resort to foreign medical specialists to cover their needs).

6. Data Literacy

Businesses, especially those that take into account the inconstant needs of their clients, as well as the innovations in the market, that have the right data.

will be able to predict the consequences of future market changes and present better services to their customers in a pre-pandemic or post-pandemic period.

Data Literacy

These businesses, in order to make the right and the most convenient decisions for their advancement, will need Data Literacy specialists. Hence, jobs in this field will be more available than ever before.

7. Goods supply and demand

Given the importance of the field, especially in this period of COVID-19, it is undoubted that jobs such as logistic managers, delivery drivers, demand planners, forklift drivers, and warehouse managers.

will surely be highly required. So, if you are interested in this domain, consider applying for such jobs.

Goods supply and demand