10 procedure of the Admission Study Application in Australia

International students usually think of Canada, China, the U.S., Australia, and other well-known countries as the best destinations to pursue their studies.

This is because of the great opportunities these countries offer, and their advanced educational systems.  In what follows, we explain the most important steps that the student should follow to get an Admission Study in Australia.

10 procedure of the Admission Study Application in Australia

First, if this is the first time you want to apply for an Admission Study in Australia, and you aim at a short language course or the like, you may go for a tourist visa which may take up to 84 days. While if you aim at a long period of study, then applying for a student visa will be a must!

Second and after finishing the application process for your student visa, you will need to get it from the Australian Embassy, in your country.


which will determine the period of your visa based on the acceptance letter or admission from the university you want to study at. During the program, you can always benefit from extra days and months during the holidays and breaks.

Here is the Admission Study Application in Australia in more details:

1. Choose your major

You need to carefully select a specialty and look for a university that offers that specialty. You may come across many universities which all offer the major you want. In this case, we advise you to study their financial sides in order to choose the most convenient one for you.

2. Submit your application

After finishing your application, you submit it instantly and you also submit all the papers required by the institution or the university you want to study at, and you wait for them to reply.

3. Get an admission or acceptance letter

This will surely help you to get your Student Visa easily as well as the needed length of the course.

4. Start the application for your Student Visa

Provide the Embassy with the admission or the acceptance letter once you obtained it (other documents may be required). You will get your Student Visa once they review your application and approve it.

5. Schedule and prepare for your journey

Now that you have obtained your Student Visa, you can start planning for your travel and think about how you will study and live in Australia.

Why Australia?

Studying in Australia enables you to get good jobs all over the world. This is because Australian university qualifications are well-recognized in the world, and help you get the best opportunities to change your life and enhance your career potentials.

Moreover, students studying in Australia are open to different cultures, which is an added value and something that employers, across the world, take into consideration when reviewing job applications, they receive.

Advantages of the Australian Student Visa

Australia Student Visa has various advantages which are as follows:

  • No age limitations.
  • You can focus on your studies, and work in your free times
  • No English skills tests
  • Your wife/husband can join you during the program
  • You can get in Australia within your visa validity

The procedure of the Admission Application:

6. Choose your course and training provider

You need, as we have said earlier, to choose the most suitable course for you. Look for the institutions or the universities that offer the course you want, their locations, opportunities for international students, etc.

7. Registration

Send a direct inquiry to the university or institution you choose.

Check the university deadline and requirements to make sure you are eligible to apply. Otherwise (i.e. if you are not eligible to apply), you will need to go for a distinct or extra course that will enhance your chances to get accepted.

Please keep in mind that you must abide by the important deadlines and that you should take postal times into account while sending forms.

8. The processing of your application

The course provider will review your application after you send it, and will notify you of the final decision. The processing of your application can be done in few weeks or longer than that for postgraduate applicants.

9. The approval of your offer

Once accepted, you will receive approval and a letter of offer.


Please make sure that you carefully read the offer letter and checked all the terms it contains before you accept the offer. Keep in mind that you must meet all these conditions and pay the tuition fees before you get your enrolment confirmed.

You can contact the institution you want to study in to ask for its requirements.

10. Get ready to travel

Once admitted, you can start your Student Visa application which can be done via your enrolment confirmation or your offer letter However, you will have to prove your enrolment confirmation before your visa is approved.

You need to book your airline tickets, manage your health insurance for international students as well as your accommodation to begin your study stay in Australia.

For further information, please check ‘Student Visas’.

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